Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tired? Who's Tired?

Not me...oh wait. That's only because I've gotten so little sleep that my mind doesn't have enough energy to transmit the feeling of "tired". I'm pretty tired out of my mind. Hopefully I can get a good night's rest tonight...I mean "This morning" if we're going to be all technical about it. Even though it's 1am, I'm not phased. I'm trippin' off of a lack of sleep, but definitely not phased. ALIS turned out alright, I think. Unfortunately after I did the assignment, I looked back at the instructions sheet and found that I had to have quotes from the book in the responses. My lack of quotes will definitely be a defining factor in the delightfully low grade I'm almost guaranteed to get. I'm really angry at myself for not at least making sure I had the instructions before I left school on Friday. Finding out that I didn't have the sheet was bad enough, but to find that out late Sunday night made it much worse. I took a risk and got burned. That's actually becoming the latest trend with me is to take a risk and get burned. I'm not liking it, and by staying up late tonight, I'm doing it again. Life over the past 2 weeks had been a series of serious hardship in my life. Yes, I know it's all meaningless, but I must admit that it still hurts really bad. Between several events I've gotten into an even worse position than I thought I was in when I posted "Life Just Got Sucky". In fact, when I wrote that in an emotional state, I had no idea it could get much much suckier, and that it, in fact, would do just that not long after. Well, the only thing that can really help me right now is some sleep. May you all be blessed in whatever endeavors you might pursue this week, and I wish you all a very commercialized Valentine's Day.


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