Saturday, February 11, 2006

ALIS = My Downfall?

Perchance, I have enough time left in the weekend to really finish my ALIS book and finish a project that is due with it. Perchance, I don't. Either way, I'm pretty much screwed because If I do it, I'll spend the rest of my weekend and somehow try to forge my way through the next week on little to no sleep. If I don't do it, I'll be royally screwed grade and project-wise in Am Lit, and I cannot afford to mess up anything ALIS related because it's the huge year long culmination of all the stuff we've been doing in Am Lit for the most part. Basically, if I mess up ALIS, my grade in Am Lit is almost assuredly done for. So the Bottom line? I'll do it, but I'll pay for it all week, but will benefit in the long run. I watched "The Lost Boys" for the third time this weekend with my dad today. He found it to be ridiculous, and just short of "a waste of time". Surprisingly, the movie is growing on me and I think it's absolutely hilarious, but in an awesome way. Kiefer Sutherland's character is probably my favorite, and I can't even handle how cool he is. He's got like 30 lines in the whole movie, but his presence on the screen causes him to be one of the main characters. If I were 18 in 1987, I think I would want to be him. Despite, cursing and one very very 80's stupid sex scene (which is more like 45 seconds of making-out to the sound of odd early 90's music), It's a good movie overall that I'd recommend. In the mean time It's only 9:28 so I'm going to go try and polish a good 50 or more pages off of my book before I head off to bed. I hope Sunday is pleasant and enjoyable for all of you. I'll leave you all with a parting shot...If you read the TV guide, is that just as good as watching TV?


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