Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Funtime...

Well the weekend is officially over the second I crawl into bed this morning. I'm up this late trying to milk the weekend for all it's got. It ended up being relaxing and enjoyable, but certainly too short for my liking. I ended up not going to the birthday party because I felt like trash when I woke up Saturday morning. I ended up staying home all day just sitting around watching TV and playing "Myst" on my comp. It's a friggin great game, and I'll be honest, at the age of 17 there are times in that game that I'm actually scared/paranoid. The main selling point of the game is the slow-paced immersive environment that seems a refuge from fast paced thriller games. However, for me, I've played too many fast-paced games, so the entire time I'm worried somethings going to jump out at me etc. It's really crappy because I'm on the edge of my seat the entire time I'm playing this happy/easy-paced game. Well, school promises to be challenging this week, but I'm hoping Tuesday will make up for it. Tuesday is my Scuba Skills Review, so I'll get to spend all hour underwater. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm really hoping my sinus infection yields that day. In-fact I wouldn't mind if it just yielded itself right out of my face forever. We're hoping to go rent some more "24" DVD's and watch the heck out of them so we can go get even more after that. I've become decently hooked, but it's a good show that's easy to get hooked on. It's 12:42am so I'm calling it quits for tonight. All I can hope for now is that somehow when I get to school tomorrow and I open up my planner, there's no homework due tomorrow. I seriously don't know because I haven't touched my backpack all weekend. I'll be praying for that, and that this week goes well and gets itself over with fast. May you all be blessed in whatever endeavors you pursue this week.


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