Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blogging for School?

Who ever heard of such an atrocity? Well, apparently it's not as insane as it initially sounds. At my school, the most recent thing is to have a "Class Blog" that students can access and post comments to. The teacher posts up topics usually involving some aid such as a poem, story, quote, picture, or some other device provoking discussion. The students then respond to the topic and the Blogging fun begins. I personally enjoy this style of class discussion due to it's non-confrontational nature. Most students never share ideas or thoughts in-class because it involves speaking in front of the class and risking being shut-down or disagreed with. Being able to share ideas and reactions through online writing allows students an almost "anonymity" to express whatever they want without the risk of fumbling in their words or thoughts on the spot. Two of my classes have blogs and I will be checking them daily.

The rest of today will involve me watching some "24" and possibly...some more "24". By the way, my Birthday ended up going quite well. We had delicious home-made chocolate cake. We had a good afternoon and watched the Broncos lose...but the day went well otherwise. I've got no homework tonight which is a first for me in nearly...this entire semester so far. I'm going to soak it in, and go to bed around 9:00pm. I deserve it. May my visitor count jump to 20 within the next 2 days. Mostly because it would be more Fantastical. I don't know why it would, but...it just would.


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