Monday, February 06, 2006

There Is a Season...

Well, the weekend is officially over, and I got no rest whatsoever, but it was anything but a total waste. In-fact I really enjoyed my weekend and the total of around 3 hours of sleep I've gotten over the duration of the last 3 days. I learned a whole lot of things this weekend that will hopefully help a lot in the future. I got my first taste of my hopeful major in college. Aerospace Engineering is anything but an easy topic. In fact, it's downright intimidating. Thankfully It's what I want to do, and naturally what I love to do. It's a beautiful combination of super-advanced physics with super-advanced math all wrapped up in a ball of Aeronautical joy. I can't wait to take a crack at it. I also was on a retreat with my Youth Group most of the weekend. The entire retreat focused on learning the lessons of Solomon (The wisest man that has ever lived) from the book of Ecclesiastes. The jist of the entire book is summed up in the statement that "Everything is Meaningless". In fact, Solomon tried everything in the world there was to do (He had all the resources he needed to do them) and found that everything there is to do under the sun is meaningless. What's the difference between A king and a lowly slave? Nothing, because in the end they both die and will both be judged equally by God himself. After wasting his life away with meaningless pursuits (Like having 700 wives and 300 concubines) he realized one profound truth. Everything is meaningless...except for God. Outside of Christ, everything is indeed meaningless. What's the difference between the most powerful man in the world and a man in Africa who no-one will ever know existed? Nothing, because eternally, they will both be held accountable for their sins. It's not an easy pill to swallow to be told that everything except God is meaningless. In our tight wrapped-up little worlds we think that everything has huge meaning for us. Every little thing seems like it means a lot to us at the time. Having to deal with a speeding ticket, or getting a bad grade on an assignment both seem like big things to us that have huge impacts on our little world. But I dare you this week, and furthermore, to take a step outside your little world for a look outside. Let's just say that that bad grade on an assignment keeps me from getting an A in that class. That lack of an A keeps me from getting the GPA I wanted. That lack of a good GPA keeps me from being accepted to Annapolis. Immediately my life is turned upside down and I have nowhere to go. At that moment it seems that my entire plan for my life is ruined and I'll never get to taste the dreams I had for myself. Well, all of that could happen and it would seem like the worst thing ever. But the second I die, whether I went to Annapolis or not, or whether I went to college at all or not, or even what grade I got on that assignment at the very beginning has absolutely 0 effect on where I spend eternity. Only one thing determines where you spend eternity, and that Solomon tells us is the ONLY thing that matters. Whatever hardships you face in this upcoming week, I challenge you to look beyond it and realize that no matter how big it seems at the's meaningless. If you go to Arapahoe you may see me wearing a T-shirt during the week that says "Meaningless" on it. If you just happen to have read this post and you see it, I hope it'll remind you to dwell on the one that that has meaning in this world. May you be blessed in whatever endeavors you may pursue this week, but make sure your priorities are straight. After a rattling past few days, I know mine are, and I can only pray I keep them that way, and I can only pray the same for you. Good night.


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