Friday, January 27, 2006

Down, But Not Out...

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. This week has been hectic beyond all reason. Between school, youth group, and doctor's appointments, It's been long and taxing. Today I went to see my ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor) for the second time in 2 weeks. I've got a sinus infection that's been hanging around for a month now. I'm beyond sick of it, and I really wouldn't mind getting rid of it. I have to be in tip-top shape for Tuesday, because we'll be doing our first dive of the semester in Advanced Scuba. I really really really would hate to miss out on it because of my stupid sinuses. Hopefully God will heal me before then. I got to spend some awesome hang-out time today with one of my great friends, Andy Denlinger. He's the only Senior guy in our youth group and he and I are as tight as brothers. Andy's life is quite the story. His parents were a missionary couple for 15 or so years so immediately his life has to be different than most. He was born in the Philippines ( my birthplace of Aurora, Colorado is so boring compared to that) and lived there for a month or so, before they moved to Caracas, Venezuela. He, and later on his younger sister, lived there for 11 years. He's fluent in Spanish and has a very different perspective on life due to him having grown up in a country as different from ours as Venezuela. Their family moved back to the U.S. 6 years ago and ever since they've fit right in very well. In fact if you met any of them you'd never tell by looks, or by the way they speak that they've ever lived anywhere other than Highlands Ranch. It's pretty freaking awesome. So after that brief bio of Andy, back to the good I just did a sinus infection therapy called "Nasal Irrigation". Basically you tilt your head down and flood (not squirt, flood. We're talking 8 oz of solution in 15 seconds) your nasal passages with a PH balanced Saline (Saltwater) solution. It's the creepiest thing ever. Because your head is tilted down, the solution can't go up your throat, so you can totally keep breathing through your mouth while you're doing it. Because it goes in one nostril and floods back out the other, you literally feel like you're drowning. Imagine the feeling when you're in a pool, and a little water goes up your multiply it by like 300. It's pretty much the oddest thing I've ever felt. If you're really claustrophobic, or if you can't handle the idea of drowning whatsoever, this method is NOT for you. I'm not too scared of drowning or anything, and this is absolutely freaking scary. But I do feel somewhat better now, because as I sit here typing this, I can breathe clearly through my nose. I may have nightmares tonight, but I can still breathe. :) Well, hopefully this weekend will be enjoyable and relaxing. I've got a birthday party to go to tomorrow, but other than that, the weekend is looking pretty open. May all of you be blessed in whatever endeavors you may pursue this weekend and I hope to post again sometime soon. -"the JOJ"


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