Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 Years? Nah...

Yeah. It's been two years. Holy cow. Anywho, I don't blog as much anymore and by "not much" I mean not at all. Good to know everything's still up here though. As my profile suggests, I'm not at Annapolis, but I'm indeed loving where I am, because it's right where I should be. I'm still pursuing the Navy and in the meantime I get to become a commercial pilot. My classes consist of sitting in a Cessna 172SP about a mile above the beach watching a gorgeous Florida sunset to my left and a massive endless Atlantic Ocean to my right, with waves lapping an endless beach in front, below, and behind me... I'd say I love what I do.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Too Long? Probably...

I know it's been a while since I last posted. Then again, when I look back on this week, I can't blame myself. Monday I had off, but spent most of the day out with my mom getting new tires for my truck and a new windshield. Tuesday, I didn't get to come home, excepting about 15 minutes in the afternoon to pick up my Worth Waiting For Shirt. I had a Worth Waiting For presentation that night, and got home around 10:30pm. Wednesday, as usual, I didn't get to come home again. I also had another Worth Waiting For presentation that night. I got home around 11:30pm. Thursday I got my first open day to just sit at home and do nothing. Ahhhhh. And Today...Whoops, look at the clock...I meant Friday, I came home and began building a model bridge which I will be taking to State Finals later Today. I somehow was volunteered for this whole thing by a teacher of mine, but I'm alright with it. In fact I might be a little excited...but you didn't hear that from me. Besides spending nearly 4-6 hours building my bridge, I spent a while out going and picking my brother up from the airport. So right now, My Dad, Mom, Brother, Brother's Girlfriend, Dog, and I are all in the house at the same time. This is the first time that's happened in a long time. It's really nice, and I'm slightly ticked that I have to leave today to go test my bridge. But it won't be too time consuming. Tomorrow, I have ANOTHER Worth Waiting For presentation. Hopefully that will go well and I can enjoy the small, small weekend that I do have. The only way I can really enjoy it, is if I go to sleep right this minute...So that's what I amgooooooooiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggg roikdddnvkjooooooooooooooookdv

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long Weekend Action...

Long weekends are the next best thing to a full out break. And a full out break is the next best thing to summer. Summer is the next best thing to retirement. So doing the math...Long weekends are the next, next, next best thing to retirement. That's right kiddies, I've got Monday off, and I won't let one minute of it go to waste. I then have an easy 4 day week, followed by a regular weekend followed by another 4 day week and then that Friday off. It'll be pleasant. Unfortunately it's somewhere around that time that I will have to have my ALIS paper done. Looking at it now, I can't imagine actually sitting down and writing it. But I know it'll happen over time with hard work, so I won't let the thought of it ruin any minute of my delightful weekend. It got to -13 degrees here at my house last night. I know people in Alaska, Siberia, etc are used to temperatures like that and much much worse, but anyone in the world will agree that -13 is pretty stinking cold. I've noticed that I can take extreme heats that most others can't, and I can do the same with extreme colds. Oddly enough, the temperatures that get to me the absolute most are between 25-40 degrees. If it goes below that, I'm usually not too cold outside. It's really stinking odd. Well, Sunday should be awesome (more than usual) because I'm on worship team which I love to do, and that night a bunch of my friends and I will be watching "The Lost Boys". It's on my top 10 list of favorite movies now due to how stinking awesome it is. In the meantime I'll spend most of my Saturday playing with my puppy, and reading the latest book I've picked up, "Timeline" by Michael Crichton. It's really good and I'd recommend it to anyone. I just finished a bowl of Trix, because I just woke up. I know it's 2pm, but it's a long weekend. Well may you all be blessed in whatever endeavors you pursue this weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tired? Who's Tired?

Not me...oh wait. That's only because I've gotten so little sleep that my mind doesn't have enough energy to transmit the feeling of "tired". I'm pretty tired out of my mind. Hopefully I can get a good night's rest tonight...I mean "This morning" if we're going to be all technical about it. Even though it's 1am, I'm not phased. I'm trippin' off of a lack of sleep, but definitely not phased. ALIS turned out alright, I think. Unfortunately after I did the assignment, I looked back at the instructions sheet and found that I had to have quotes from the book in the responses. My lack of quotes will definitely be a defining factor in the delightfully low grade I'm almost guaranteed to get. I'm really angry at myself for not at least making sure I had the instructions before I left school on Friday. Finding out that I didn't have the sheet was bad enough, but to find that out late Sunday night made it much worse. I took a risk and got burned. That's actually becoming the latest trend with me is to take a risk and get burned. I'm not liking it, and by staying up late tonight, I'm doing it again. Life over the past 2 weeks had been a series of serious hardship in my life. Yes, I know it's all meaningless, but I must admit that it still hurts really bad. Between several events I've gotten into an even worse position than I thought I was in when I posted "Life Just Got Sucky". In fact, when I wrote that in an emotional state, I had no idea it could get much much suckier, and that it, in fact, would do just that not long after. Well, the only thing that can really help me right now is some sleep. May you all be blessed in whatever endeavors you might pursue this week, and I wish you all a very commercialized Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ALIS = My Downfall?

Perchance, I have enough time left in the weekend to really finish my ALIS book and finish a project that is due with it. Perchance, I don't. Either way, I'm pretty much screwed because If I do it, I'll spend the rest of my weekend and somehow try to forge my way through the next week on little to no sleep. If I don't do it, I'll be royally screwed grade and project-wise in Am Lit, and I cannot afford to mess up anything ALIS related because it's the huge year long culmination of all the stuff we've been doing in Am Lit for the most part. Basically, if I mess up ALIS, my grade in Am Lit is almost assuredly done for. So the Bottom line? I'll do it, but I'll pay for it all week, but will benefit in the long run. I watched "The Lost Boys" for the third time this weekend with my dad today. He found it to be ridiculous, and just short of "a waste of time". Surprisingly, the movie is growing on me and I think it's absolutely hilarious, but in an awesome way. Kiefer Sutherland's character is probably my favorite, and I can't even handle how cool he is. He's got like 30 lines in the whole movie, but his presence on the screen causes him to be one of the main characters. If I were 18 in 1987, I think I would want to be him. Despite, cursing and one very very 80's stupid sex scene (which is more like 45 seconds of making-out to the sound of odd early 90's music), It's a good movie overall that I'd recommend. In the mean time It's only 9:28 so I'm going to go try and polish a good 50 or more pages off of my book before I head off to bed. I hope Sunday is pleasant and enjoyable for all of you. I'll leave you all with a parting shot...If you read the TV guide, is that just as good as watching TV?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

So Tired...

I'm really really tired due to an almost non-existent amount of sleep over the past 2 weeks. I'm absolutely beat, and I'm falling asleep nearly every moment of the day. To give an idea of how bad it is, I've almost fallen asleep walking a few times. To top that, I started to doze off while standing in front of a whole youth group tonight doing a Worth Waiting For Presentation. Most people would be nervous, but I almost fell asleep. That's scary. Anywho, I'm really wanting to get through tomorrow and get to Saturday where I'll probably wake up at 9 that night or something. Well, I'm pretty beat right now as I'm even typing this so I'll make this all too brief. I just watched a movie (The Lost Boys) about vampires from 1987. It's absolutely ridiculous and I couldn't help but laugh my way through this supposed horror film. Besides, one of the main vampires is Kiefer Sutherland. I've seen so much of him as "Jack Bauer" on "24" that to see him in a ridiculous role like this with a sick sick repulsive mullet is incredibly laughable. I have a huge amount of reading to do for American Lit due on Monday. I'm not looking forward to it at all. What I am looking forward to is a nice warm bed with a nice warm soft puppy lying next to me. What I'm not looking forward to is the alarm at 5:45 a.m. and what I am looking forward to is Saturday sleep forever action. I had some huge possibilities brought to my attention involving Scuba today, and I'm pretty excited. It pretty much involves me getting a ton of experience and specialty certifications etc. all by the end of Senior year. Well when I've slept more than I have right now, I'll be sure to type more, but until then, I'm going to have to say goodnight, and goodluck. May you be blessed in every endeavor you pursue tomorrow (Friday).

Monday, February 06, 2006

There Is a Season...

Well, the weekend is officially over, and I got no rest whatsoever, but it was anything but a total waste. In-fact I really enjoyed my weekend and the total of around 3 hours of sleep I've gotten over the duration of the last 3 days. I learned a whole lot of things this weekend that will hopefully help a lot in the future. I got my first taste of my hopeful major in college. Aerospace Engineering is anything but an easy topic. In fact, it's downright intimidating. Thankfully It's what I want to do, and naturally what I love to do. It's a beautiful combination of super-advanced physics with super-advanced math all wrapped up in a ball of Aeronautical joy. I can't wait to take a crack at it. I also was on a retreat with my Youth Group most of the weekend. The entire retreat focused on learning the lessons of Solomon (The wisest man that has ever lived) from the book of Ecclesiastes. The jist of the entire book is summed up in the statement that "Everything is Meaningless". In fact, Solomon tried everything in the world there was to do (He had all the resources he needed to do them) and found that everything there is to do under the sun is meaningless. What's the difference between A king and a lowly slave? Nothing, because in the end they both die and will both be judged equally by God himself. After wasting his life away with meaningless pursuits (Like having 700 wives and 300 concubines) he realized one profound truth. Everything is meaningless...except for God. Outside of Christ, everything is indeed meaningless. What's the difference between the most powerful man in the world and a man in Africa who no-one will ever know existed? Nothing, because eternally, they will both be held accountable for their sins. It's not an easy pill to swallow to be told that everything except God is meaningless. In our tight wrapped-up little worlds we think that everything has huge meaning for us. Every little thing seems like it means a lot to us at the time. Having to deal with a speeding ticket, or getting a bad grade on an assignment both seem like big things to us that have huge impacts on our little world. But I dare you this week, and furthermore, to take a step outside your little world for a look outside. Let's just say that that bad grade on an assignment keeps me from getting an A in that class. That lack of an A keeps me from getting the GPA I wanted. That lack of a good GPA keeps me from being accepted to Annapolis. Immediately my life is turned upside down and I have nowhere to go. At that moment it seems that my entire plan for my life is ruined and I'll never get to taste the dreams I had for myself. Well, all of that could happen and it would seem like the worst thing ever. But the second I die, whether I went to Annapolis or not, or whether I went to college at all or not, or even what grade I got on that assignment at the very beginning has absolutely 0 effect on where I spend eternity. Only one thing determines where you spend eternity, and that Solomon tells us is the ONLY thing that matters. Whatever hardships you face in this upcoming week, I challenge you to look beyond it and realize that no matter how big it seems at the's meaningless. If you go to Arapahoe you may see me wearing a T-shirt during the week that says "Meaningless" on it. If you just happen to have read this post and you see it, I hope it'll remind you to dwell on the one that that has meaning in this world. May you be blessed in whatever endeavors you may pursue this week, but make sure your priorities are straight. After a rattling past few days, I know mine are, and I can only pray I keep them that way, and I can only pray the same for you. Good night.