Friday, January 20, 2006

Naps are amazing

I came home from school today and fell asleep on the couch for about 5 hours. Naps are really really nice. America should totally steal the idea of siesta from Spain and just shut down everything in the middle of the day for everyone to go home and take a nap. We'd be much less uptight as a nation, and a lot of overly-tired people would have a chance to get rest they usually wouldn't. I have never met someone who doesn't like naps. Old people take naps all the time because in their years they've become wise and know that nap taking is the secret to enjoying life. I wish I had some large open portion in the middle of the day to do that, but My life doesn't allow time for niceties like naps. That's why I slipped in a nap today, and it rocked. I hope everyone reading this will at least attempt a nap one time or another this weekend. Oh, and on Sunday, GO BRONCOS. That's all I've got for you all today. P.S. I like how I say "You all" even though I've only had 9 visitors, and they only have come right after I update my blog with a new post. One of the hits was even from India, But thanks to all 9 that have dropped in.


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