Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Dollar...

If I had a dollar for every time (This School Year) I came home late, had 2-3 hours of homework ahead of me, and started to fall asleep before I even get to the homework, and then proceeded to go to bed about an hour before I have to wake up and do it again the next day, I'd have at least 23 dollars. I'm so sick of having Homework and going to bed at like 4:30a.m once I'm done with it. I friggin' hate homework and I wish I could sleep like 20 hours a night every night. Until then, homework will commence and carry me into the wee hours of the morning. May God have mercy on my poor tired soul. It's really really hard to drive to school when you've had about 1 hour of sleep in the past 72 hours. I really hope I live to see tomorrow, and If I do, I'll probably post something about it in my blog. My Brother, Chris, got to fly for the first time. By "fly" I mean it was the first time he'd actually piloted a plane for the entire flight. He's training to be a Missionary Bush-Pilot in Indonesia or so, and he's on the fast track to becoming a full fledged Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Engineer/Mechanic. I hope all goes well from him as he'll be flying a lot this semester. The Birthday fun is still carrying over from yesterday, and probably won't end until I turn 18. Maybe even longer... but in the meantime, may you all be blessed in whatever you do tomorrow, and I wish you all a wonderful good night.


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