Thursday, January 19, 2006

No time like Snow Time

It's snowing outside and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not to me. I really hate that it's about 2.5 feet short of what it'd take to keep me out of school tomorrow, but it's just enough to make me have to get up 15 minutes early to get to school on time. But tonight, the snow is beautiful as it silently blankets everything. I got to enjoy a night at home tonight as my abstinence awareness group (Worth Waiting 4) presentation was rescheduled because of the snow. This weekend is going to be really stinking busy, and I hope I can somewhat enjoy it... In the meantime, my legs hurt like absolute crap and I have no idea why. Both of them are super stiff and hurt immensely to move. I have no clue as to what would have caused it as I've not really done anything strenuous recently. Until I can walk again, I'll have to keep resting as much as I can before I start-up my workout routine again next Wednesday after a 1 month break for Christmas. I'm working out with the eventual intention of meeting and passing all the physical requirements for the Naval Academy. 1.5 miles @ no more than a 7 minute/mile pace, 18 Cadence Pull-ups in 2 minutes without touching the ground, and the backs of your hands facing you, and even more tough requirements. It's especially hard for me since I totally used to be a computer nerd, so I'm not strong or in shape whatsoever. Thankfully, my dad's genes gave me an insane metabolism that causes me to be remain at 125 pounds no matter how much I eat. I'm about 50 pounds lighter than almost all of my friends, and I'm extremely glad for it. I hope tomorrow goes well, because after tomorrow, it's WEEKEND. Heck yeah. Well, until then...


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