Thursday, January 12, 2006

First Post, Last Post?

Well, I've had a Blogspot account before, but I find it odd that after only a mere year, my blog and account are gone. Oh well. I really didn't do anything with it anyway. I just figure that I was required to have a blog account for my American Literature class, so I might as well make a blog of some sort. I mean who has a blog account and doesn't have a blog. That's a waste of perfectly free webspace and bandwidth allotted to your accound. Think of the poor people in the world who can't even afford 3KB of webspace, and you're given this big ol' free account to upload as you see fit. If only you could put the unused bandwidth into a box and mail it to poor children in Africa. Oh well, I'll leave that line of thought for another day. At the time of this posting (12:48am) I'm not sure if I'll ever post here again. I may, I may not. I depends entirely on the response I get from my viewers. Yes, that's right, I'm self-centered and figure that people will actually read all the way to this far into my first post and that my life really is so interesting that other people will want to tune in to see what happens next. If my life bores me, I seriously doubt anyone else would find it interesting. But for those of you that read all the way through the above trash and rant, then let me be the first to thank you for stopping by and indulging my need for public attention. Thank you.


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