Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's More Fantastical...

Well today brought about some hardships. I didn't get to sleep last night like I had planned on doing due to a horrendous cough/sickness that's really starting to tick me off. I wish It'd just go away, and thankfully with some new drugs from the doctor, it might do just that. Until then, I'll just battle it out on 30 minutes of sleep. I read an odd factoid today that Honey can kill the bacteria in Acne, and can cause the redness and visibility to reduce significantly. Me being the avid try-er of interesting things, now have a band-aid on my face with honey under it. It's very odd I'll admit, but if this works, then My face will be the sweetest thing on the block and my dog probably won't stop licking my face either. In the meantime, I'm headed out to Church Worship Team Practice. Since my bio doesn't clarify, I think I will do that now. I play Bass Guitar in the Worship Team for my Church, Castle Pines Community Church, in Castle Pines, Colorado. It's really a sweet experience to be in a worship team. Leading people in worship is a gratifying and humbling experience that I'd recommend to anyone. Since I can't sing...very well, I love that I can worship God through my Bass Guitar Skills. I'll probably be out late, but tomorrow is FRIDAY and after that it's a 3-day weekend, and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying it to the fullest. Oh and If you're offered anything today, whether it be 3 hamburgers, or 20 dollars, you should ask for 1 more. When asked why, simply smile and reply "Because it's more fantastical..."


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